Real Tech Graphics & Animations
A collection of various work done for Real Tech.
Charly App Explainers
A series of motion graphics explaners for the Charly app.
Ocean Epic
Illustration of an ocean epic.
Unicef 360 Video
3D animation and high res product renders for a Unicef 360 campaign for Idea Studio. 360 video footage filmed and produced by Idea Studio.
Manulife 360 Selling
Animation for Manulife 360 Selling.
Curo Explainer Video
Here's a video we shot and edited with a combination of motion graphics.
Marvel Eats Series 1
Digital illustrations of Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Spider-man.
Fungal Spore Planet
3D experimental animation of organic mushroom-like forms.
Tube Shrooms
3D experimental animation or organic mushroom-like forms.
Various animated looping gifs.
Winter Themed Sea Creature Illustrations
Some watercolour illustrations scanned then printed on craft paper stock.
Electrical Safety Authority PSAs
These are 4 Electrical Safety Authority videos for a campaign that is meant to reach out to people and warn them of the dangers of hiring unlicensed electricians.
YogaGlo: Body, Heart & Mind
Motion piece for YogaGlo.
Microsoft Office 365 Pre-Roll videos
Pre-Roll ads for Microsoft Office 365.
Sun Life Financial - Pretirement
5 motion graphics piece for the Sun Life Financial Pretirement campaign.
Google World Cup Hyperlapse
Video using google maps imagery to create hyperlapses in locations around the world. The soccer theme was added to coincide with the World Cup in Brazil.
Ontario Association of Cardiologists
Animated project for the Ontario Association of Cardiologists. Produced by McLellan Group.
Random + sign animations.
Macro Session no. 04
Some macro shots of liquid reactions compiled into one video.
Reel 2016
My 2016 Reel
Koi Fish Letterpress Printing
A video of myself printing my 9x12 koi fish prints. Music: FKJ - Lying Together
Sci-Fi / Fantasy Animation Work in Progress
Computer consoles located inside a spaceship for a sci-fi / fantasy animation I am working on. I have no idea what they do. I just know I need to add buttons, LEDs and knobs inside my spaceship :P
Dragonfly print
Dragonfly composed of old letterpress cuts. Printed on smooth brown card stock.
The Wonder Kingdom presents: The Owl of Life and Death
The Wonder Kingdom presents the Owl of Life and Death.
The Wonder Kingdom presents: The Giant Gold Luck Fish
Illustration of the Wandering Gold Luck Fish.
The Wonder Kingdom presents: The King Walrus
Illustration of the King Walrus
Koi (letterpress print)
Koi fish with abstract patterns printed on newsprint.
Sesame Street Pinball Animation
Here's a Sesame Street Pinball animation remake I decided to try for a contest. I entered with only one week left so it's not everything I wanted but I'm happy for what I achieved in less than a week's work.
BlueWay Animation
3D animation created for BlueWay to establish and promote the BlueWay brand and it's image of quality, reliability, sustainability and green energy.
RIM phone demo concept
RIM phone demo concept.
Telus Smartphone Microsite
Telus Smart Fit microsite.
Bell Vancouver Olympics
Telus Gift Guide Microsite 2008
A magic machine interface was created for Telus' holiday gift guide. It allowed for users who visited the site an opportunity to choose what features they wanted in a phone. Once the features are selected a purple ball takes you on a journey through scenes in a Rube Goldberg device. Each scene represents a feature and ends with a gift box opening to reveal a phone to fit your needs.
Telus Coast to Coast Signage
A 3D animated signage piece done for Telus.
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